5 Things to Brand for a Pop-up Shop

Pop-up shops are not just for brands that are first venturing into the brick and mortar stores, it’s also for established brands trying to reach new demographics. It’s important to have remarkable branding during your pop-up shop, because you’re making a first impression with new prospects in a limited amount of time. We’re assuming you’ve already developed a basic branding guideline at this point – logo, business cards and packaging – to make a stronger brand impression here are 5 things to consider branding for your pop-up shop.

  1. Event Posters

    A few weeks before your pop-up you should be advertising your event to everyone. It’s best to not just announce the event on your social media platforms, but also print a few posters to display inside coffee shops, restaurants or any businesses who would be willing to advertise your event in the neighborhood of your location.
    Print extra ones to put on your entry points so people know they’ve found you, during your event. 
    The optimized dimensions for social network images are not the same as a graphic to be printed. With this in mind, make sure to have brand features that stay cohesive through all of your event posters – digital or on print. 

  2. Packaging

    Packaging is more than just a good presentation and storage of your jewelry pieces, it’s also about the experience of unboxing your pieces. A beautiful retail bag, is like a walking advertisement for your brand. Your retail bag is the first thing your customers will open when they get home from their shopping experience, and a good box inside creates further excitement of what the piece inside looks like. Make sure your packaging is a conversation starter.

    Lil Cat Ring Co’s white boxes frame the jewelry pieces in a subtle sophisticated way.  Stuff by Ana customized one of kraft boxes by hand stamping her logo and creating an insert with her branding.
  3. Tabletop Display

    This is the physical version of good product photography on your website. Your display needs to be subtle enough that it highlights your pieces yet intriguing enough to complement your brand.

    Our mannequin display is perfect for displaying your necklaces. We also love this display we found on pinterest.
  4. Wayfinding

    Good wayfinding design, is one that you won’t notice, but without it your shopping experience can be frustrating. It starts with finding your pop-up shop. Besides making sure your posters have the right address, it’s also important to have a signage, like a sandwich board to mark the entrance of your pop-up. Within your store, make sure areas where people can pay, find people to answer questions, or try on items, and sale sections are all visible.


    Some brands doesn’t like displaying their price on the table, but if you do our string tags is a good way to put your prices on. Team it up with one of those coil-less safety pins for instant sophistication.
  5. Promotional Take-Away

    It’s impossible to talk to everyone that went to your pop-up shop, for this reason it’s important to leave some print materials that people can take with them to direct them back to your website, where they can keep in touch or buy your products another day.  You can have cards printed with one of your pieces in the back as well as coupon codes that only people that attended your pop-up can use.


    Moo.com is a good place for printing your business cards, postcards or other printed graphic materials.

Branding is more than just a good logo, business card, and website. It’s also about how you make your customers feel, and how they describe you to their friends. It isn’t built overnight. It is built over time, with consistency and repetition throughout all points of interaction with your clients.

We’ve created a board on Pinterest to bookmark ideas about organizing a pop-up shop. Make sure to check it out, and follow us for inspiration!


Getting Ready to Roll

When I was first getting my studio put together I knew that a rolling mill was a must have for my design style. I was planning to pattern sheet and wire, reduce metal thicknesses,roll wire, and create graduated wire. And having my own rolling mill would give me the opportunity to do some fold forming and of course to create sheet from ingots that I’ve made from my scrap.But what a big commitment to make! I knew that I wanted a tool that would last a lifetime,or maybe longer. After doing a lot of research, I decided that a 120 millimeter combination with reduction gear would work perfectly in my studio. For what I needed the choices quickly narrowed down to only two, a Cavallin or a Durston rolling mill.

The Cavallin Rolling Mill is made in Italy, the Durston in England. Both of them are well-regarded and have been in business for many, many years. The Cavallin had pulled out of the US market for a few years ago but is back,stronger than ever.

I checked with several metalsmithing friends who have their own rolling mills. Two of them were kind enough to let me come into their Studios to play with both a Durston and Cavallin Mill.

I arrived with annealed metals, Copper and silver sheet, to my friend’s Studio. Her Durston is a beautiful machine. I easily rolled my 20 gauge silver down to a 24 gauge. And, she had some pattern papers that we ran the copper through with. All in all we had a lot of fun and the Durston is a terrific Mill. I was almost sold on the Durston at that exact moment, but I had already set up a time with the other friend to take a look at their Cavallin. A few days later I went to his Studio. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did.

Once again, I brought annealed metals, 20 gauge copper and 20 gauge sterling silver sheets to run through his machine. Because I was trying to compare the Cavallin and the Durston, I did everything that I had done before. I rolled the sterling silver down to a 24 gauge. I found it easier to do with the Cavallin mill. It was a true pleasure to work with and seemed a natural fit in my hands. My Durston friend had given me some of the patterned paper that we had used on her mill. I used this again on the copper sheet that I brought with excellent results.

After my Durston VS Cavallin test I came to the conclusion that both the Durston and the Cavallin are versatile, excellent quality Rolling Mills. They both offer excellent customer support, especially now that the Cavallin is represented in the United States again. The Cavallin simply felt “better” to me.

So, as you can probably tell by now, I ended up purchasing a Cavallin Rolling Mill for myself. I could not be happier with how much this has improved my work. I can’t imagine not having one at hand. The rolling mill in my studio makes my life so much easier, not to mention it saves me a lot of time! Time I can use to drink coffee and work on metals.

Different Types of Soldering Boards

There are many different types of soldering boards, blocks, and surfaces. How do you know which one to start out with, and which one to use for each soldering task? Each type has its own purpose and function while soldering. There are two main categories of soldering board: ones that reflect heat back into your metal, and ones that draw heat out of your metal. The boards that reflect heat are often softer, more crumbly, and good for soldering medium to larger pieces like bezels, hollow construction rings, and sculptural pieces. Reflecting-type boards include charcoal, Magnesium, and Calcium silicate. Boards that draw heat out of your metal are more durable and dense, and good for annealing all sizes of work, and for soldering small elements that will melt if they get too hot. These boards include ceramic, firebrick, honey comb, and pumice stones.
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Almost Forgotten Gemstone Setting Tips for Everyone

Here are some new innovative gemstone setting tips developed from old setting methods:
◾resharpen the high-speed steel setting burr
◾create a diamond receptacle for benches and desktops
◾use the half-round burr for Cabochon bezel frames
◾ remove excess gold beside claws in engagement four-claw settings
◾clean customer’s diamonds with embedded dirt
◾place an oil receptacle permanently on your bench.

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5 Unique and Simple Men’s Jewelry Projects

It seems at times that women have all the fun in the jewelry world. But there are many projects that can be made for the men’s jewelry market, as well. While it may not be the standard necklaces and earrings jewelry makers can still create unique projects by creating tie tacks, cuff links, rings, and pins.

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