10 Ways to “Act” Like a Creative Person

I have posted before about what inspires me to be creative when it comes to designing jewelry; nature, books and time alone. But one very important thing was not covered in that post, one thing that is incredibly inspiring to me. That “thing”? People, creative people! Our world is filled with people. Many times we need not look further than our own circle of family and friends for creative inspiring people. At other times, we are inspired by those we know only by name. Wait a minute, I can hear some people say, inspiration comes from within and is most often experienced when least expected. True! However whenever I spend time with creative people, we talk, we share, we argue, we encourage one another. I come away rejuvenated and filled with ideas, often practicable ideas that I can implement into my work right away. I notice that the people who inspire me the most have some traits in common:

1. COURAGE: They try new things and risk failure; as a matter of fact they often fail spectacularly. The other side of that coin is that when they achieve a goal they achieve spectacularly. Over time it is usually well worth the risk.

2. INTUITION: Mixed with logic and used to make decisions and develop ideas. A very powerful combination.

3. CHALLENGE ASSUMPTIONS: Many rules are only rules of thumb. To really wield your true creative power you need to ask hard questions, listen to what others say and then take it all with a grain of salt. Personal experience will be your best guide.

4. BE MOTIVATED BY THE TASK AT HAND: Yes you can, and should make money on the way, but if making money is your only concern, your creativity will suffer.

5. SEEK AND FIND INFORMATION: Critical thinking and research are two tools that are key to the creative person. Information is to the brain what food is to the body.

6. MAKE THE CONNECTIONS: Take the information and apply new thinking to old ideas.

7. FIND SOLUTIONS: Challenges are looked upon as the opportunity to learn something new and create something different.

8. PUSH THE ENVELOPE: Try the new ideas and challenges, expand the boundaries of what is believed to be possible.

9. BE EXPRESSIVE: Keep it “real” and are willing to share what they feel and think. They are open and it shows in their work.

10. INJECT HUMOR AND A SPIRIT OF FUN: Playing is the ultimate creative act. Lighten up and express the passion that drew you to jewelry design in the beginning. As you “act” more and more like a creative person, sharing your enthusiasm and spirit for what you do, you’ll find yourself becoming more creative, inspiring you to untold heights.

-Leah Alden Jaswal


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