About the Bloggers!

LaniMy name is Lani Dearmin and I’m excited to be a part of the new blog team here at Seattle Findings! I am a student of metalsmithing and jewelry making, having taken classes in North Seattle Community College’s jewelry design program and workshops at Danaca Design. I continue to take classes whenever I can. I love hearing about our customers’ projects and plans. What are YOU working on? I’m looking forward to sharing project ideas, bench tips, store and industry news, and all kinds of good stuff with our readers. Let’s get our creative on!

AmeliaWhen I heard that Seattle Findings was going to be launching a blog, I became very excited as an avid blog and article reader myself. I am also the head of Findings and a recent graduate of Studio Arts and Art History at Indiana University and a new transplant to Seattle. With all the new changes and transitions in my life, reading and working with metal and jewelry have been the only constants.


I am eager to share all the bench tips, recommendations, methods and techniques that helped me grow as a student and continue to help me now. ~ Amelia Upton

LeahHi! My name is Leah Alden Jaswal and I am the manager here at Seattle Findings. For me creating jewelry is an expression of art. And why does jewelry as art speak to me? For the sense of accomplishment I have when I remember that this was once “just” a piece of metal. Because with every new piece created you learn something new. For jewelry’s diversity and the thoughts and emotions it evokes. For when I find myself lost in my work, deep in “The Zone”, but I must admit mainly for the absolute joy it brings me to create.


Having been with the company for nearly 10 years I have worked with students, kitchen table-top jewelers, bench jewelers with huge jewelry chains and all most every combination in between. I cannot express what an amazing experience it has been and how much I have learned from so many diverse Individuals. I look forward to creating more and sharing what I learn.



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