Organizing Your Workspace


Keeping all your tools and supplies organized at your bench or workspace can be a challenge. All those drill bits, burs, hammers, saw blades, bits of sheet metal, wire, beads, and stones! I spoke to professional organizer Linda Deppa for some tips on keeping it all under control. Give these ideas a try and see how they work for you!

First, keep the things you use most frequently within arm’s reach. If you have to go far to put your tools away, you’ll be more likely to skip it and leave them in a pile on your bench! A small tool organizer can keep things together on your bench top without taking up a lot of space. Racks or drawers right next to your bench are great for storing tools nearby.

Second, maximize your vertical space. This may mean installing some shelving on your walls. I have a bookshelf right next to my bench. Not only are my reference books easy to grab — and easy to put away — but I can keep stackable storage containers of stones, beads, and components together within easy reach.
Third, Linda recommends storing like with like. For example, organizing stones by color and then by size in your containers can help you find them quickly and be ready to get to work sooner.
What organizational tips do you have? Feel free to leave comments and let us know what works for you!

Special thanks to Linda Deppa of Uncluttered Professional Organizing for the organizational tips!

-Lani Dearmin


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