Pearls ARE Forever!

Bridal NecklacePearls come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. There are 4 main types of pearls: Tahitian, Cultured, Akoya, South Sea. They have been revered throughout the ages for their lovely luster and rarity. Pearls are very delicate, especially when compared to gem stones and precious metals! But with these simple tips, your pearls will last a life time!
1. The natural oils of our skin help to keep pearls lustrous, so wear your pearls often!

2. Pearls can be easily damaged by household chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, andPearl Assortment makeup. An easy way to remember is: Last thing on, first thing off!!

3. Pearls should be stored in cloth or a separate area from other jewelry to help avoid scratches

4. Strands of pearls are most often stung on silk thread. Each pearl is separated by a single tight knot, to keep the pearls from scratching each other.

Woven Pearl Necklace5. When you first purchase a strand of pearls, the knots may be so tight as to distort the strand. Simply allow your pearls to hang when in storage (on a wood hook, or non-abrasive jewelry mount) and let gravity to the rest!

6. When stringing pearls, if the hole is not large enough or is obstructed, gently use a diamond coated bead reamer to expand the original drill hole.30 Minute Earrings

Feeling inspired? Check out 30 Minute Earrings for quick fun pearl projects! Enjoy your pearls!
 -Amelia Upton
Tune in Next Week for Tips and Tricks on professionalism, branding, and much more!!

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