Playing Lost and Found with Time

Playing Lost and Found with Time


Time is the one thing that we don’t carry at Seattle Findings, and how I wish we did. Working full time, commuting, family responsibilities, all the necessaries in my life take time. Time I would often rather use to create. Finding time is possible; if you love it create time for it.

Give up an hour of television, workout 4 days a week instead of 5. (Take those stairs at work!) Schedule a time to work on your projects, just as you would a DR’s appt, and then do it. Plan what you will be working on and make sure that you have the supplies that you need. Of course you can’t always plan everything, however when you do plan things it’s so much easier to make sure that the plans come to fruition. Organize your work space. The old proverb “A place for everything and everything in its place” says it all. Searching for misplaced items is a huge time waster. Stop the time thieves, too much time online? Negative people or friends who don’t understand the need for you to work? Turn of the computer and seek out a workspace where you can create. No need to become a hermit, concentrating on your art now allows you more time to socialize later!

When you are waiting in line or for an appointment have your sketch book with you and design away.

30 Minute RingsTry one of the 30 minute books. 30 minute earrings, 30 minute rings, 30 minute necklaces all by Marthe Le Van. Most of the projects require minimal tools and each one has 60 projects inspired by top artists. The projects in these books take a short time to complete, yes really only 30 minutes! They are simple enough for a beginner but also offer exciting challenges to the seasoned veteran.

Above all make jewelry a priority in your life, treat it like you love it. I think that you will be surprised by the amount of time you will find!

-Leah Alden Jaswal


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