Students Welcome

The first time I walked into Seattle Findings Jewelry Supplies & Tools, I was a jewelry student in need of a few basic supplies. I remember looking around the store, feeling both curious and overwhelmed by the variety of supplies and tools of mysterious function. As a student, everything was new and exciting. I looked forward to learning how to use all of these tools and materials in my classes, and now I knew exactly where to go when it was time to start building my home studio.

Even though I felt a little shy about asking questions because I was a beginner, I found the staff at Seattle Findings to be super friendly and helpful. They were just as happy to help a bewildered student as to find an item for a seasoned jeweler. Friendliness goes a long way in my book.

Time passed, and I learned more about all those tools, materials, and techniques. And at some point it hit me that Seattle Findings would be a pretty cool place to work. Luckily, I had the opportunity to find out that it was true – it IS a cool place to work. The people are just as friendly as my first impression implied. We have a lot of fun in the store and enjoy talking to our regular customers and new visitors alike. It’s fascinating to hear what projects artists, hobbyists, and jewelers are working on. But I must admit that I most love seeing students come into the store. I recognize that wide-eyed look of curiosity and excitement that often appears on their faces when they walk through the door. Their enthusiasm can be contagious, and it’s so rewarding to help them begin this journey into a world of creativity!

About me:
LaniMy name is Lani Dearmin and I’m excited to be a part of the new blog team here at Seattle Findings! I am a student of metalsmithing and jewelry making, having taken classes in North Seattle Community College’s jewelry design program and workshops at Danaca Design. I continue to take classes whenever I can. I love hearing about our customers’ projects and plans. What are YOU working on? I’m looking forward to sharing project ideas, bench tips, store and industry news, and all kinds of good stuff with our readers. Let’s get our creative on!


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