Your Most Important Tool

One of the most important tools a metalsmith, jeweler, student or hobbyist can store in their tool box is organization! Without having your priorities, budgets and timelines laid out, you may run into more snags and miss opportunities had you been a tad more organized.

Everyone thinks differently, so everyone organizes differently too! I am a list maker, some people prefer a pocket calendar, you may prefer to use several different methods to help you get your “to do”s done!

Before you can begin organizing and investing in sticky notes, take a minute to think about what sort of tasks and time tables that you have to do and which ones are most important. Some jewelers really like to keep track of their work with job envelopes. They are easy, come numbered or blank and are big enough for jewelry and a few notes!

But how do you keep track of a million small things? Try grouping your small things into chunks or sections, then prioritize those sections to have some order. Your order does not have to be chronological, as long as the system you set up, works for you.

One last tip; after you have tried out one method or several, take a few minutes at the end of the week or the end of your list to evaluate how well your strategy worked. If you ended up not completing your To- Do list take the time to figure out why before you move on. Taking the little extra time to keep yourself organized will save you time later, money, and headaches!

Tune In Next Week for Tips on Safety!

-Amelia Upton


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