A Career of Discovery

In Seattle, summer is in full bloom. Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons and baskets of colorful hanging flowers around the city have replaced bare winter branches and indoors projects. Sitting at my jeweler’s bench I can hardly wait to get outside, work in my vegetable garden, go bike riding, get in the water and fish streams I’ve thought about over winter months.Mushroom Hunting in Oregon
The jewelry business has been my profession for over 40 years. It’s been a career full of ‘new’ with adventures, discoveries, interesting friendships & continual learning. I’ve seen places I’d only read about in books during my school years, met customers who have become life long friends & shared experiences doing what I love with other people who feel the same way.
Last fall I went mushroom hunting in western Oregon with friends. Finding my first wild Chanterells was awesome. They’re great eating too! Opal PendantA few years ago I was in Australia shooting a documentary on opal mining. Our 3-month adventure in the opal fields gave me a real appreciation of how elusive success is trying to find “color.” I found a bit of “rough” myself, I keep as a memento of that ‘discovery.’ (I did not find the opal in this pendant I made but making it brought back many memories of the trip.)
On later trips to the South Pacific I got involved in Black Pearl farming. Pearls changed my focus in jewelry & re-inspired my creativity. Opening pearl oysters brings a ‘Surprise’ discovery with each shell.
Growing Pearls
From mushrooming to jewelry making to meeting new people & learning new things, each one has enriched my life and led to further discoveries. Today my focus is teaching jewelry making, consulting & passing along what I’ve been lucky to have personally experienced. Helping others learn the techniques and skills of jewelry making plus sharing some of their discoveries, as they learn, is a reward hard to describe. www.Learn2MakeJewelry.com
We know technology makes living easier & I believe the “Joy of Discovery” helps make life ‘worth living.’ Discovery is part of all art, it’s part of learning and it’s part of growing. Getting involved in something, pursuing an interest, staying curious & asking questions… that’s a Big part of living too! What I tell students: “Invest In Yourself… Make Something New, Learn Something New, Discover Something New.”
I believe it’s what we “do” that defines us.
-Richard Paille
Tune in Next Week for more Tips & Tricks from the Seattle Findings Bloggers!

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