Color, Texture & Casting

Color, Texture & Casting for JewelersHave you ever gotten stuck when designing jewelry? Feel like you have hit a rut with your design techniques and or style? Design freeze happens to everyone! At many points in one’s life, career, and year, inspiration is going to run dry. One of the best ways to get your inspiration back in full force is to increase your exposure to new experiences.

Wax RingsOne of my favorite ways to jog ideas is to go straight to my bookshelf and pick out the first book that catches my eye. Recently, the book I keep coming back to is Carles Codina’s Color, Texture & Casting for Jewelers. Codina’s book is not simply a technical guide, but a feast for the eyes and stirring for the mind. The book begins with the ancient techniques of keum boo, granulation, and mokume gane.
Mokume GaneAll three of these techniques are difficult, time consuming, and ultimately very rewarding aesthetically. Codina gives clear and precise instructions, tips and hints, all surrounded by extraordinary color photographs of the pieces and processes in progress.
CastingThe second section of the book focuses on various low and high tech forms of casting. Including: Microcasting, Sand Casting, Cuttlefish bone Casting, and Closed Crucible Casting. Additionally, wax working and ceramic coatings are also discussed in detail.
Low Tech CastingI was especially impressed by the instructions of so many different types of casting. I have seen very few books that are able to cover so many complex and precise processes and techniques in such a brief and complete fashion. To top it all off, the book closes with insight and instructions into several gorgeogoues projects.
The next time you are looking to try something new or looking for ideas to fuel your next project, I highly recommend Carles Codina’s Color, Texture & Casting.
-Amelia Upton
Check back later this week for more tips & tricks from Seattle Findings!

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