Goldsmith Hammer Review: You Need One!

Hammers, are not a commonly reviewed item, which I really don’t understand. Like most metal workers I am a hammer junkie and have a collection of them. I recently added our new Goldsmiths hammer to my arsenal and it has quickly become my favorite.

I needed a small hammer for texturing and planishing on gold and sterling. This little hammer has a cross-peen face and a flat,round face. The cross-peen face moves the metal unilaterally, in a single direction, while the goldsmithing face moves the metal radially, outward in all directions. It also planishes helping remove the marks left by your cross-peen work.
The finish on both of the faces is excellent. The majority of the time, I find that some finishing or polishing on new hammer faces is necessary, but not here. I opened it up and it was ready to use out of the box! This makes me happy! On a quick side note, if you ever do purchase a tool that needs a good polish, Fabulustre works amazingly well. Now, on my bench this hammer is used exclusively on jewelry pieces. If you decide to use it to strike other tools, its face will show the marks and dings from your efforts and should be resurfaced before using directly on your jewelry pieces. If the hammer is not used directly on jewelry pieces, there is really no need to polish either face, just keep them tidy using Scotch-Brite® or a 220-grit sanding paper.

The hammer itself looks like a piece of art. It is a truly classy, well made tool and will last a lifetime. Its balance is awesome and the head is securely mounted on a contoured, hardwood handle. The feel of this hammer in my hand makes me smile and I cannot wait to see what it and I can make together.



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