Marketing: YOU!!

Sample CardThe number one best way to market your business is to have a memorable business card! You never know when or why you will meet your next client, having clear, memorable business cards on hand will ensure you don’t lose another potential customer.

How do you make a business card memorable? My wallet fills up with cards and brochures, at the end of the week, most of them get dumped in the trash. Here are 7 tips to keep your card in the wallet!
Leah's Card1. The first cardinal rule to a successful business card is staying true to your business and its ideals. Translation: the very same logo you use to market your business should also appear on your business cards! Same fonts, the same colors and the same images should be there.
2. In addition, make sure that your contact information is easy to read and find. Include anything that you think will be pertinent for a customer, including your phone number, email, address, a website, and a few key words that describe what you do.

Pink Card3. I know this tip sounds simple, but it will certainly save you – SPELL CHECK!! It is painful to open a new box of business cards to find that when you typed it up, you misspelled something simple, or miswrote your phone number. Don’t let simple mistakes get the best of you.

Now that you have the basics down, there are a few more key ideas to consider about the feel of your card.

Rounded Card4. Size matters!! How big is your card? Standard? Mini? Post Card Size? When you have a wallet full of plain white card stock, a glossy pink card stands out – meaning your customer is much more likely to remember you and your services!

5. Material and Texture. What paper is your card printed on? Is it stiff? How thin or thick is the paper? Is your card glossy? Can your card be easily written on?

6. Corners (a small detail that is very noticeable!) – rounded or square?

Stone Chart7. Maximize space! Instead of leaving the back side of a card blank, give your potential customer a reason to save your card! For instance, if are selling or appraising diamonds, a simple key of stone shapes and cuts on the back of your card is a free little bonus to your future customers. Next time they flip through cards, they will keep yours for your contact and for the stone chart!

The important thing is to stay creative when designing your card and stay consistent with the ideals of your business. Being creative isn’t usually easy, so take your time and do it right! Try looking at other business cards of businesses in your field and others and see what they are doing. What works for them? What doesn’t work? What makes you toss a card? Then, take the observations you found and apply them to your own card design. If the extra effort means a more expensive card, the expense is worth it when your card brings in customers!
-Amelia Upton
Tune in Next Week for Fun Ideas and Projects Using New Media!

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