Meet the inventer of the RapidFire Kiln and QuickMelt ovens.

Seattle Findings is very proud to carry RapidFire Pro-M Kilns and QuickMelt Pro 10 furnaces. To learn more about the idea behind these innovative ovens we spoke with the product inventor, Ken Allison.

“The inspiration for creating my original top loading unit came from a personal need to condense and melt some gold and silver that I had been collecting. When I went to the various marketplaces in search of a furnace to work with, I was shocked to find out I would have to spend upwards of a thousand dollars or more for a high powered reliable unit. The units that I came across were also big and bulky, and for me space is a huge concern, so even if I had the money to spend on one of those units, I wouldn not have had the space to set it up!

So, instead of admitting defeat, I started researching into kiln designs and theory. With a more than basic understanding of electrical circuits, and being a general tinkerer of all kinds, I decided I would design a portable furnace that would fit my needs specifically.

It took about 6 months of designing, testing and al lot of trial and error before I had finished my first personal unit (which actually was a QuikMelt 100). As soon as it was done, I went to work and processed all of the material that I had in a very short amount of time, I was actually pretty surprised how well my little machine had worked! I had an idea that I was on to something big, and there was probably a very large market for something so lightweight, powerful and easy to use.

Once I realized the potential for a small working unit, I quickly got to the drawing board and designed the front loading version to fill the need for the home hobbyist and artist. I figured if I needed something small and portable for pouring metal, I was sure there was a same need for pottery, metal clay and other artists as well who use front loading versions.

For now, I believe the niche we service is large enough to keep us busy for the foreseeable future. It is also the market that hits close to home, since these were developed specifically for these users.

Within our niche of lightweight, portable and powerful furnaces however, I see an unlimited number of possibilities. Soon I will be able to get back in to development stages for new TableTop products. A couple of which will include a knife and sword kiln, polymer kiln, single level/more surface area glass & PMC kilns to name a few, and we are always open to suggestions and comments!

Our furnaces have evolved a thousand times since they were first developed. Personally I have learned a lot in regards to the construction of small and portable units. During those development stages arose a faster firing even more efficient furnace than its predecessors.

This fast firing technology has been deemed our RapidHeat Technology. The specific combination of power, extra efficient insulation design, and contoured element coils are among a few of the main components that the RapidFire Technology consists of. This is the foundation of how our furnaces can be as powerful and efficient as they are.

-Ken Allison, Product Inventor and Co-Founder of Tabletop Furnace Company


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