Revisiting Failure

When I first started soldering, I knew that it would be a breeze. After all you are just sticking two pieces of metal together right? Well guess what! Just heating up the metal with a torch does not necessarily work and I burnt every one of my fingers in the process too! Both my project and I were a mess! I was frustrated and decided that I would “never” learn how to solder. Soldering was tossed by the wayside and I concentrated on other aspects of jewelry making.

Fast forward several years, I started to realize just how silly it was for me not to learn this important skill. I was ready to move up to the next level.
I read through a great book, Soldering Made Simple by Joe Silvera, and tried again. Not only did I have a blast but it was simple and pardon the pun, everything just flowed!
Once I got over being rather proud of myself, I realized how instrumental having a great instructor like Joe Silvera was to my success. This book (also available is a companion DVD ) really helps take all the mystery and fear out of soldering. It’s simple without being simplistic. I highly recommend it!

It also gradually dawned on me that through all of the other endeavors in my life I had fine tuned my dexterity and focus allowing me to challenge myself to revisit the things that I resisted trying. But, as I grew and learned more about working with metal, it all become clearer and easier for me. Learning this has been far more valuable than feeling successful about soldering. It taught me that when you learn something, it is always being processed and stored for use in a different area . When I have abandoned something because I thought it was a failure, there is always the strong possibility that I have learned skills to allow me to understand it better through other means. I can try again and know I will see new results. Now it’s time to try some new stone setting techniques!

The joy is surely in the process and not just reaching the final destination, revisit your failures and turn them into successes!-Leah


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