Spooky Inspirations!

Bat EarringsIts that spooky time of year again! With Halloween just around the corner, we at Seattle Findings wanted to give your haunted-side a jolt of inspiration! With these great ideas you can create jewelry, augment costumes and create tasty treats for Halloween!
These fun bat earrings are fun and simple to make! You can cut out bats from sheet metal or use a stiff acrylic or thick paper. Then, cut two pieces of chain for each earring, varying different lengths. Attach with jump rings and add a few faceted beads for extra fun!

Gloomy Ring
This gloomy piece (pictured right) is an adorable project and excellent idea! Either purchase or create a ring shank with attached flat pad for the glass to rest on. *TIP* Solder a flat shank, then rivet a flat pad or dime to the shank. Next, find a clear plastic or glass blub shape to attach via epoxy or bezel in place!
Before attaching your glass or plastic, first mount the scene you want inside, leaving the same thickness of the bulb around the edge of your flat base. This ring has a miniature house and flying bats. These can be created using found objects, clay or even paper. Let your spooky thoughts take over when you create this little treasure!
Mod Podge Pendants
These surprising little witches make great gifts, and can easily be altered for a variety of themes and styles! These particular pieces have fabricated frames. If you don’t have access to a torch or the interest, you can always cut the frames from any sheet metal.
Staying with a 18 or 20 guage will be the approximate thickness desired. The items in the frames can be complied like mini collages. Simply layer your favorite papers, photos, stickers, and found objects to create these darling dangles! To adhere the collage items together and to seal them, you can use Mod Podge or mix up some jeweler’s epoxy.
Spider Pendant
Resin is Halloween’s best friend! This creepy crawler can be made using a coin bezel, found objects (plastic spider, paper) and dyed resin! Simply mix your favorite ink, dye or powdered color to create this lovely deep red color. This same project can be altered to use on rings, earrings, sewn as ornaments on clothes and so much more.
Persian Wave Bracelet
Bats aren’t just for Halloween anymore! Local Seattle artist, Julia Lowther often incorporates small bats in her metalwork. These bats were inspired by her time spent in the PeaceCorp. For more information on Julia, please visit her webpage.
Spider CupcakesHappy Halloween from Seattle Findings!
Have more creepy projects for Halloween?? Add photos and comments to our Facebook and Pinterest page!
-Amelia Upton

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