Three Great Jewelry Trends of 2013 and Beyond!

trending 2014The new year is upon us, and 2014 is the perfect time to revisit some of the most popular jewelry trends of the last year. Here are three of our favorites that don’t show any signs of stopping. We’re confident that they’ll keep on trending right through the year.

Chain necklaces made of silver. These were incredibly popular this year – and we don’t mean just the pre made chains either. Industrial links, hammered pieces and delicate, airy chains. It seems like everything is going when it comes to chains. I really like this trend for its versatility. Silver chain looks just as appropriate with a t-shirt as it does with that special little black outfit.

Strong statement pieces, oversized rings, dramatic earrings and sparkly, flashy pieces were all the rage in 2013. So far this year the trend continues! Maybe during shaky times strong pieces instill confidence in people? Whatever the reason, I am very glad that big jewelry has made a comeback. Wear those big pieces,huge earrings and outrageous cuff bracelets with pride!

Mixed metal anything! I. Love. Mixed. Metal Jewelry!! Silver or gold, copper or brass pieces all mixed look great on everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Think I missed one? Tell us about a jewelry trend that you Mixed Metalthink should have made this shortlist in the comments below. . ,



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