Upcycle Your Life

Upcycle your lifeFor many, school is starting, which means that Fall is almost upon us! I’ve always felt that each school year brings new beginnings and new goals to strive for. Starting this Fall, strive to be greener! One of the most enjoyable ways to start this Earth-loving habit is to practice Upcycling!
What IS Upcycling you say? Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Basically, all those bottle caps, twist ties, birthday ribbons, and so many other miscellaneous odds and ends that clog our drawers and often end up in the trash can be altered and used in your jewelry and craft projects. Instead of throwing out that wine bottle cork, take a few minutes each day and brainstorm new ideas for Upcycling. With a little time and ingenuity, Upcycling saves you money on materials, provides you with new projects, and helps the environment — all in one fell swoop! Here are a few Upcycling projects and ideas to get your creativity flowing!
Ribbon Watch BandsLooking for a way to spice up some old watches fast? Try threading some wide gross grain ribbon through the springbars of a watch! Add more life and color to your daily piece instantly. If you have extra time, sew on a few D rings or buttons to make it your own.
Cork Jewelry DisplayFor this fun jewelry rack, all you need are some corks, an old picture frame and presto — jewelry display! Perfect for your next jewelry show or fun to use at home. Try trimming the corks to different lengths and arrange as many or as few as will best fit your needs (or your cork supply!). Simply attach with epoxy or nail through a thin sheet of wood with cloth over it.
Looking for more fun cork projects? Try this fun trivet idea! You’ll need your handy jewelers saw to trim the corks, then either glue or stitch the cork pieces together.
Cork Trivet Project
Corks also make excellent drawer fobs, hand cut stamps, tool handles, decorative pens, and much more!
What will you do with your excess corks?
Sprinkle RingAre you a rootbeer or soda drinker? I’m sure you have plenty of bottle caps laying around! For these quick jewelry pieces, all you need is: resin, revit skills, and a plane ring band. Resin is an excellent material, since you can use it clear to show what has been submerged in it — this time sprinkles! Or, you can always mix paint, dye, or chalk into the resin to create your own color combinations. For the sprinkle ring, first prepare your band. If you are using sheet metal, simply shape and solder into ring, then drill a hole in both the bottle cap and ring shank. Line up both drilled holes and tap in a Bottle Cap Pendantspremade rivet or make your own with wire. A ring mandrel would be very useful for this project! Once the rivet is done and as tight as you can make it, add your resin and sprinkles. Let set 24 to 48 hours so the resin can cure. Voila! Fun ring project!
Try out these pendant variations!
Upcycled jewelry ideasSeattle Findings is always looking for more ways to be green. We are happy to sell Harmony metal findings and sheets that have been produced from recycled and reclaimed metal scraps. What will you do to Upcycle your life today?
-Amelia Upton
Check out more great tips and tricks from Seattle Findings in our next blog!

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