What is a Horologist?

Horologist is the trade term for watch and clock makers. It is one of the oldest industries there is. Making timepieces is a great fusion of science and art. Horologists have the same hand-skills, and attention to detail as jewelers. The only difference is that they’re putting really intricate mechanical gears in their piece, that needs to work and be dependable.

If you’re interested in making watches and you live here in Seattle, consider yourself lucky! Our city is a great resource for watches.North Seattle Community College is one of the few schools with a partnership training watchmaking program in the country. It is the only one in the West Coast. Rolex Watch USA joined with NSCC’s Watch Technology Institute to create a state-of-the-art facility for the program.
(Photo from: superbwallpapers)
The program is 8 quarters long, and takes a maximum of 12 students each fall quarter. This limited class size guarantees that each student is given a lot of instructor guidance. Completion of the program earns you an NSCC certificate, with more GenEd classes you can earn a WTI AAS degree.
If the micromechanism doesn’t appeal to you, there is always the option of buying watch parts and putting them all together.
(Photo from: Rolex Magazine)
A good project to do with watches can be as simple as changing a watchband. My personal choice is Ladies Black Genuine Lambskin Watch Band 16mm. It’s such a luxurious material and the contrast of the metal buckle and black is just so classic.

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