Quick tip: Avoid jagged cutting edge look in a gypsy or flush setting

What is one of the causes of a “rippling or jagged” effect around an inside cutting edge in a Gypsy or Flush setting? How can this be avoided?

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Almost Forgotten Gemstone Setting Tips for Everyone

Here are some new innovative gemstone setting tips developed from old setting methods:
◾resharpen the high-speed steel setting burr
◾create a diamond receptacle for benches and desktops
◾use the half-round burr for Cabochon bezel frames
◾ remove excess gold beside claws in engagement four-claw settings
◾clean customer’s diamonds with embedded dirt
◾place an oil receptacle permanently on your bench.

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5 Unique and Simple Men’s Jewelry Projects

It seems at times that women have all the fun in the jewelry world. But there are many projects that can be made for the men’s jewelry market, as well. While it may not be the standard necklaces and earrings jewelry makers can still create unique projects by creating tie tacks, cuff links, rings, and pins.

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Even in the era of smartphones, many folks still like to wear a watch

Even in the era of smartphones, many folks still like to wear a watch. Although phones and digital time pieces are just about everywhere, watches still provide a classic look and feel that can’t be found elsewhere. If you interested in home watch repair, know that there are some things that you just won’t be able to do yourself.

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Precious Gemstones

Talented artisans often make fine jewelry to sell at online or brick-and-mortar stores. Specialists create expensive bracelets, earrings and necklaces from rare gemstones including emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Jewelry designers fasten gemstones in attractive settings made of precious metals such as silver, platinum and gold. Many individuals study jewelry making at universities or training schools. Both women and men enjoy wearing jewelry items such as wedding rings. Depending on its style, a jewelry item might be appropriate for everyday wear or special occasions. Anyone interested in being a professional jewelry maker can contact schools about learning this art.
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Meet the inventer of the RapidFire Kiln and QuickMelt ovens.

Seattle Findings is very proud to carry RapidFire Pro-M Kilns and QuickMelt Pro 10 furnaces. To learn more about the idea behind these innovative ovens we spoke with the product inventor, Ken Allison.

“The inspiration for creating my original top loading unit came from a personal need to condense and melt some gold and silver that I had been collecting. When I went to the various marketplaces in search of a furnace to work with, I was shocked to find out I would have to spend upwards of a thousand dollars or more for a high powered reliable unit. The units that I came across were also big and bulky, and for me space is a huge concern, so even if I had the money to spend on one of those units, I wouldn not have had the space to set it up!

So, instead of admitting defeat, I started researching into kiln designs and theory. With a more than basic understanding of electrical circuits, and being a general tinkerer of all kinds, I decided I would design a portable furnace that would fit my needs specifically. Continue reading Meet the inventer of the RapidFire Kiln and QuickMelt ovens.

Meet the Guest Bloggers!

Richard Paille

My jewelry career began in 1970. Following college and a tour in the US Army I opened a retail jewelry studio in Seattle called “Dick Paille Handcrafted Jewelry” and began classes with the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) studying diamonds, colored stones and gem identification.

Richard PailleIn 1972 I moved to a new location in Seattle and opened a larger store, Dick Paille Jewelry. I worked long hours “at the bench” in the store’s manufacturing shop, managed employees, wrote & published a newsletter, met with sales reps, worked with customers and attended trade shows several times each year. Six day work weeks were typical. The 70’s were demanding but rewarding years in my early career where I learned the retail jewelry business.

In 1980 I sold the store following an inner call to design jewelry for a national market selling my work at shows across the US, in retail jewelry stores and Galleries.

In 1991 a new opportunity arose and I became involved in Black Pearl farming in the Cook Islands starting the business, “South Pacific Pearls International.” That was an exciting period with many trips to the South Pacific & Australia where we filmed several documentaries on pearl farming and opal mining.

In 2008 I decided to travel less and find ways to share my career experiences with others. I started a jewelry making school, Learn2MakeJewelry which is my focus today. Teaching has brought new rewards, renewed energy and excitement to my 42 years in jewelry. I also consult on jewelry matters and speak to groups on various jewelry related subjects

-Amelia Upton

A Career of Discovery

In Seattle, summer is in full bloom. Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons and baskets of colorful hanging flowers around the city have replaced bare winter branches and indoors projects. Sitting at my jeweler’s bench I can hardly wait to get outside, work in my vegetable garden, go bike riding, get in the water and fish streams I’ve thought about over winter months.Mushroom Hunting in Oregon
The jewelry business has been my profession for over 40 years. It’s been a career full of ‘new’ with adventures, discoveries, interesting friendships & continual learning. I’ve seen places I’d only read about in books during my school years, met customers who have become life long friends & shared experiences doing what I love with other people who feel the same way.
Last fall I went mushroom hunting in western Oregon with friends. Finding my first wild Chanterells was awesome. They’re great eating too! Opal PendantA few years ago I was in Australia shooting a documentary on opal mining. Our 3-month adventure in the opal fields gave me a real appreciation of how elusive success is trying to find “color.” I found a bit of “rough” myself, I keep as a memento of that ‘discovery.’ (I did not find the opal in this pendant I made but making it brought back many memories of the trip.)
On later trips to the South Pacific I got involved in Black Pearl farming. Pearls changed my focus in jewelry & re-inspired my creativity. Opening pearl oysters brings a ‘Surprise’ discovery with each shell.
Growing Pearls
From mushrooming to jewelry making to meeting new people & learning new things, each one has enriched my life and led to further discoveries. Today my focus is teaching jewelry making, consulting & passing along what I’ve been lucky to have personally experienced. Helping others learn the techniques and skills of jewelry making plus sharing some of their discoveries, as they learn, is a reward hard to describe. www.Learn2MakeJewelry.com
We know technology makes living easier & I believe the “Joy of Discovery” helps make life ‘worth living.’ Discovery is part of all art, it’s part of learning and it’s part of growing. Getting involved in something, pursuing an interest, staying curious & asking questions… that’s a Big part of living too! What I tell students: “Invest In Yourself… Make Something New, Learn Something New, Discover Something New.”
I believe it’s what we “do” that defines us.
-Richard Paille
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