Goldsmith Hammer Review: You Need One!

Hammers, are not a commonly reviewed item, which I really don’t understand. Like most metal workers I am a hammer junkie and have a collection of them. I recently added our new Goldsmiths hammer to my arsenal and it has quickly become my favorite.

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The Bench Anvil Combo Kit, a must have!

Every now and then you come across something that you wonder how you ever did without. The Bench Combo Kit is one such item and one is now happily living on my bench. At Seattle Findings we call it “one of the best investments you can have” and this is so true! I am really happy with it.

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Nancy Megan Corwin on her passion for chasing and repousse.

Nancy Megan Corwin

Nancy Megan Corwin, Megan to her friends, is an artist in the truest sense of the word. She has worked as a bench jeweler with her own line. She has also taught in Arts centers, colleges and universities for over 30 years. She was an adjunct instructor at Cabrillo College and Monterey Peninsula College in California since 1984. Nancy was head of the jewelry and metals program for the University of Oregon from 1989 until 1994. For the past 15 years she has traveled across the United States teaching short courses in an impressive list of schools. Including Penland school of crafts in North Carolina, Haystack Mountain school of crafts in Maine, the Glassell school in Houston Texas, the University of New Mexico at El Paso, Pratt Fine Arts Ctr., Danica design, as well as various other programs all across the United States. Megan’s handcrafted jewelry and hollowware are an outstanding blend of contemporary artistry and old world craftsmanship. Hammer in hand, she raises rich textures and sculptural forms capturing the intrinsic beauty of the various metals that she works with.
We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Megan.

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Soldering, Stone Setting, Lost Wax and More with Anat and Joe Silvera

Joe and Anat Silvera are metalsmiths and teachers who currently hail from Berkley, California where they run a small school for jewelry making. They also teach around the Bay area and at bead shops and various festivals around the country. They are well known for their hands on teaching style, with a focus on good technique, as well as their use of equipment that is affordable and very home friendly.

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Spooky Inspirations!

Bat EarringsIts that spooky time of year again! With Halloween just around the corner, we at Seattle Findings wanted to give your haunted-side a jolt of inspiration! With these great ideas you can create jewelry, augment costumes and create tasty treats for Halloween!
These fun bat earrings are fun and simple to make! You can cut out bats from sheet metal or use a stiff acrylic or thick paper. Then, cut two pieces of chain for each earring, varying different lengths. Attach with jump rings and add a few faceted beads for extra fun!

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Interview with Andy Cooperman: A Master Maker

Interview with Andy Cooperman: A Master Maker
Over a couple cups of coffee, one regular one decaf, I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with Andy Cooperman. Andy is a metalsmith, writer, teacher and friend who lives in Seattle, WA. His art is stunning both in its design and in its craft. He is a down to earth, extremely intelligent, very approachable person. A little background on some of his professional achievements will help explain why I am so excited to share part of our talk with you. Andy’s work has been featured in galleries nationwide, including Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, deNovo in Palo Alto and Velvet daVinci Gallery in San Francisco.

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Top 5: Facts of Gold

Black and Yellow Gold BraceletAt Seattle Findings we are often asked about the various karats of gold. Here are the answers to our top 5 most frequently asked questions about gold!

1. What is the difference between white gold and yellow gold? The metal composition determines the color of gold. Gold is such a soft metal and so valuable, that it is most often alloyed with less valuable metals. The percentage of pure gold determines what karat the gold is marked as. Tri Colored Gold RingsRed or pink shades of gold are formed when there are high copper contents alloyed with gold. White gold is created when the alloyed metals are white metals, such as: silver, nickel, zinc. To achieve a bright white finish, white gold is often plated with rhodium. Gold is a very versatile metal, since it can be alloyed to appear pink, red, yellow, green, white, and even black! No other metal is alloyed to create such a diverse palette.

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What is a Horologist?

Horologist is the trade term for watch and clock makers. It is one of the oldest industries there is. Making timepieces is a great fusion of science and art. Horologists have the same hand-skills, and attention to detail as jewelers. The only difference is that they’re putting really intricate mechanical gears in their piece, that needs to work and be dependable.

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September Events

Summer is quickly ending, and the back-to-school season has begun. The first weeks of school are exciting with new networks, and the beginning of new projects. If you find yourself in a creative rut, we have listed several events in town that will surely inspire you and help you get that creative energy going.
Here are several dates you might want to put in your calendar.

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Upcycle Your Life

Upcycle your lifeFor many, school is starting, which means that Fall is almost upon us! I’ve always felt that each school year brings new beginnings and new goals to strive for. Starting this Fall, strive to be greener! One of the most enjoyable ways to start this Earth-loving habit is to practice Upcycling!
What IS Upcycling you say? Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

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